"...They don't give a damn about any trumpet playin' band
It ain't what they call rock and roll..."

Date Location Event Ticket
17/05/2019 Rijssen Lucky Coverland (Tribute Night)
25/05/2019 Roosendaal Schouwburg De Kring (Theater Show)
28/09/2019 Wijchen Theater ‘t Mozaïek – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
12/10/2019 Volendam St. Jozef Huiskamer B.V. (Club Show)
14/12/2019 Haasdrecht Theater Concordia – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
24/01/2020 Barneveld Schaffelaartheater – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
02/02/2020 Lelystad Theater Agora – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
07/03/2020 Gorredijk Cultureel Centrum De Skâns – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
16/04/2020 Panningen Dok 6 – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
24/04/2020 IJsselsteijn Fulcotheater – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
25/04/2020 Lochem Schouwburg Lochem – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
09/05/2020 Deurne Cultureel Centrum Deurne – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
22/05/2020 Zoetermeer Stadstheater Zoetermeer – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
12/06/2020 Weert Munttheater – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
11/05/2019 Bergeijk Theater De Kattendans (Theater Show)
13/04/2019 Roermond ECI Cultuurfabriek (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
12/04/2019 Horst The Froxx (Club Show)
29/03/2019 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show / Jubileum Show) SOLD OUT
23/03/2019 Baarn Theater De Speeldoos (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
16/03/2019 Hoogerheide Podium Kloosterhof (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
15/03/2019 Delfzijl Theater De Molenberg (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
16/02/2019 Vught Theater De Speeldoos (Theater Show)
26/01/2019 Ulft Cultuurfabriek DRU (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
19/01/2019 Vroomshoop Het Punt (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
18/01/2019 Panningen Dok 6 (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
28/12/2018 Handzame (BE) Krekerock (Festival Show)
30/11/2018 Someren Cultureel Centrum De Ruchte (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
24/11/2018 Alphen aan den Rijn Theater Castellum (Theater Show)
27/10/2018 Etten-Leur Nieuwe Nobelaer (Theater Show)
22/09/2018 Maassluis Theater Koningshof (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
21/09/2018 Waddinxveen Cultuurhuys De Kroon (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
21/07/2018 Deventer Deventer Stadsfestival (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
31/05/2018 Zoetermeer Statdstheater (Theater Show)
12/05/2018 Ureterp Oerrock (Festival Show)
09/02/2018 Barneveld Schaffelaar Theater (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
21/04/2018 Oostburg Ledeltheater (Theater Show)
11/03/2018 Ede Chillerz (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
30/03/2018 IJsselstein Fulcotheater (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
25/02/2018 Vessem D’n Boogerd (Regular Show)
13/01/2018 Roden Theater De Winsinghhof (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
29/12/2017 Hilversum Top2000 Tent – Regular Show SOLD OUT
02/12/2017 Knokke (Belgium) Knokke (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
27/10/2017 Melle (Germany) Kulturwerkstatt Buere (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
01/10/2017 Weert Muziekcentrum De Bosuil (Regular Show)
30/09/2017 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Regular show)
29/09/2017 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show) UITVERKOCHT!
23/09/2017 Zoetermeer Cultuur Lokaal (Promo Show)
08/09/2017 Donderen Donderslag Live (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
01/07/2017 Ede Openlucht Theater Ede (Festival Show)
09/06/2017 Dordrecht Bibelot (Regular Show)
19/05/2017 Lievelde Loco live (Festival Show)
13/05/2017 Venlo Theater De Maaspoort (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
12/03/2017 Ede Chillerz Lounge Bar (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
18/02/2017 Wijchen Theater ‘t Mozaïek (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
17/02/2017 Hilversum Poppodium De Vorstin (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
21/01/2017 Leeuwarden Schaaf City Theater (Regular Show)
10/12/2016 Reuver De Schakel (Regular Show)
05/11/2016 Weert Munttheater (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
08/10/2016 Leeuwarden Neushoorn, Rock impression Tribute festival XL (Festival Show)
23/07/2016 Deurne Walhalla Zomerfeesten Tribute Night (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
18/03/2016 Overloon Raaijhalfeesten (Regular Show)
12/03/2016 Asten Tribute Festival Asten (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
27/02/2016 Baarlo Sjiwa Rock Steady (Regular Show)
28/11/2015 Alblasserdam Cultuurcentrum Landvast (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
03/10/2015 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
02/10/2015 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show)
27/09/2015 Waalwijk Tavenu (Regular Show)
24/05/2015 Wolvega Pinksterrock (Festival Show)
14/05/2015 Brunssum Vijverparkfestival (Festival Show)
21/03/2015 Bree (BE) Back on Stage (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
18/04/2015 Blerick Royal Irene Music Theater (Regular Show)
08/03/2015 Venray Witte Hoeve (Try Out)
30/08/2014 Venray Music4Rooy (Festival Show)
24/08/2014 Venray Herberg De Klomp (Try Out)