Theater tour 'LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE...'
BOOM, like that! is playing the fabulous and one of the best Dire Straits albums live in the Dutch theaters...
'Love over Gold' from 1982...

Date Location Event Ticket
13/06/2020 YouTube Live Streaming Concert – YouTube
10/10/2020 Lochem Schouwburg Lochem – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE… (new date)
15/10/2020 Zoetermeer Stadstheater Zoetermeer – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE… (new date)
07/05/2021 Panningen Dok 6 – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE… (new date)
24/04/2020 IJsselsteijn Fulcotheater – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…(canceled)
07/03/2020 Gorredijk Cultureel Centrum De Skâns – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
24/01/2020 Barneveld Schaffelaartheater – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…(SOLD OUT)
08/02/2020 Lelystad Theater Agora – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
14/12/2019 Haastrecht Theater Concordia – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…(SOLD OUT)
25/10/2019 Safenwil Switzerland Emil Frey Autocenter – Gala Event (SOLD OUT)
28/09/2019 Wijchen Theater ‘t Mozaïek – LOVE OVER GOLD AND MORE…
25/05/2019 Roosendaal Schouwburg De Kring (Theater Show)
17/05/2019 Rijssen Lucky Coverland (Tribute Night)
11/05/2019 Bergeijk Theater De Kattendans (Theater Show)
13/04/2019 Roermond ECI Cultuurfabriek (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
12/04/2019 Horst The Froxx (Club Show)
29/03/2019 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show / Jubileum Show) SOLD OUT
23/03/2019 Baarn Theater De Speeldoos (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
16/03/2019 Hoogerheide Podium Kloosterhof (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
15/03/2019 Delfzijl Theater De Molenberg (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
16/02/2019 Vught Theater De Speeldoos (Theater Show)
26/01/2019 Ulft Cultuurfabriek DRU (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
19/01/2019 Vroomshoop Het Punt (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
18/01/2019 Panningen Dok 6 (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
28/12/2018 Handzame (BE) Krekerock (Festival Show)
30/11/2018 Someren Cultureel Centrum De Ruchte (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
24/11/2018 Alphen aan den Rijn Theater Castellum (Theater Show)
27/10/2018 Etten-Leur Nieuwe Nobelaer (Theater Show)
22/09/2018 Maassluis Theater Koningshof (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
21/09/2018 Waddinxveen Cultuurhuys De Kroon (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
21/07/2018 Deventer Deventer Stadsfestival (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
31/05/2018 Zoetermeer Statdstheater (Theater Show)
12/05/2018 Ureterp Oerrock (Festival Show)
09/02/2018 Barneveld Schaffelaar Theater (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
21/04/2018 Oostburg Ledeltheater (Theater Show)
11/03/2018 Ede Chillerz (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
30/03/2018 IJsselstein Fulcotheater (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
25/02/2018 Vessem D’n Boogerd (Regular Show)
13/01/2018 Roden Theater De Winsinghhof (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
29/12/2017 Hilversum Top2000 Tent – Regular Show SOLD OUT
02/12/2017 Knokke (Belgium) Knokke (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
27/10/2017 Melle (Germany) Kulturwerkstatt Buere (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
01/10/2017 Weert Muziekcentrum De Bosuil (Regular Show)
30/09/2017 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Regular show)
29/09/2017 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show) UITVERKOCHT!
23/09/2017 Zoetermeer Cultuur Lokaal (Promo Show)
08/09/2017 Donderen Donderslag Live (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
01/07/2017 Ede Openlucht Theater Ede (Festival Show)
09/06/2017 Dordrecht Bibelot (Regular Show)
19/05/2017 Lievelde Loco live (Festival Show)
13/05/2017 Venlo Theater De Maaspoort (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
12/03/2017 Ede Chillerz Lounge Bar (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
18/02/2017 Wijchen Theater ‘t Mozaïek (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
17/02/2017 Hilversum Poppodium De Vorstin (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
21/01/2017 Leeuwarden Schaaf City Theater (Regular Show)
10/12/2016 Reuver De Schakel (Regular Show)
05/11/2016 Weert Munttheater (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
08/10/2016 Leeuwarden Neushoorn, Rock impression Tribute festival XL (Festival Show)
23/07/2016 Deurne Walhalla Zomerfeesten Tribute Night (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
18/03/2016 Overloon Raaijhalfeesten (Regular Show)
12/03/2016 Asten Tribute Festival Asten (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
27/02/2016 Baarlo Sjiwa Rock Steady (Regular Show)
28/11/2015 Alblasserdam Cultuurcentrum Landvast (Regular Show) SOLD OUT
03/10/2015 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show) SOLD OUT
02/10/2015 Venray Schouwburg Venray (Theater Show)
27/09/2015 Waalwijk Tavenu (Regular Show)
24/05/2015 Wolvega Pinksterrock (Festival Show)
14/05/2015 Brunssum Vijverparkfestival (Festival Show)
21/03/2015 Bree (BE) Back on Stage (Festival Show) SOLD OUT
18/04/2015 Blerick Royal Irene Music Theater (Regular Show)
08/03/2015 Venray Witte Hoeve (Try Out)
30/08/2014 Venray Music4Rooy (Festival Show)
24/08/2014 Venray Herberg De Klomp (Try Out)